We grow and mature in our faith by providing excellent Christian Education Classes, Bible Studies, and other small group experiences. Growing hearts and minds are revealed through the Preschool, children and youth programs. Confirmation classes and Vacation Bible School further enhance strong foundations. The teaching ministry of 22 adult Sunday school classes provides nurture, accountability, and an enrichment of one’s faith journey.

Classes are currently located in . . .

  • The Education Building, 2nd floor, separate building located behind the Church Office, Moore Center, and Sanctuary.  Accessible through Breezeway, then  elevator.
  • The Basement, use elevator or stairs near the Welcome Center (near the Sanctuary)
  • The Stephen’s Ministry Room, adjacent to the Sanctuary near the Welcome Center
  • The Moore Center, location for 9:00  Worship

Adult classes offered include:

  • Believers Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 204    Ages 50’s – 60’s – members have young adult children.  Teacher is Bob Ary; they use many James Moore and Ellsworth Kalas Studies.  They help support COPE and sponsor HEART Christmas activities.
  • College Class, Basement Underneath Sanctuary (accessible via elevator  in the Gathering Area and stairs)    Bruce Dean leads this group that meets seasonally:  Thanksgiving/Christmas and Summer.
  • Discussion Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 209    Ages 40+ – women make up this class although all are welcome.  They recently Completed Disciple I – Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study designed for the Sunday School setting.  They study a variety of Christian subjects using technology, books, and discussion.  Elise Carneal leads.  Cards are sent to shut-ins.
  • Faith & Grace Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 207    Ages 55+  This class studies the Bible and books of Christian authors to delve into faith and life lessons with discussion.  Class members are appreciative of lively discussion and listening to/affirming each other.  Brenda Oldham helps coordinating teachers throughout the year.  They support COPE, Secure, the Master’s Table and individuals as needs become known.  Mary Nell Lindsey facilitates.
  • Grand Sweep Class, Moore Center  Named for the curriculum they began the class with, this group  continues to study the Bible with a book-at-a-time approach.  Class members intersperse teaching with Dr. Debbie Church.  Contact persons are Gary & Betty Doble.
  • Jim Porter Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 206    Ages 60+  This is our largest class and has been existence the longest.  Rotating teachers use Adult Bible Studies.  Members have partnered with the Unity Class to form a Relay for Life Team and host a chocolate booth.  White Christmas, Martin Methodist College, United Ministries, COPE, and the Master’s Table receive support in addition to needs within the church.  The Upper Room is taken to local nursing homes.  Jerry Farmer is president.
  • Nancy Coleman Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 208  This class begin in the early 1970s with young adults.  Rotating teachers have used Adult Bible Studies, and are currently studying Easter From the Backside.  They sponsor the Amen Golf Tournament to benefit COPE, United Ministries, or others, and give gifts to graduating Seniors.  Jan Schendel and Brenda Pickard are co-presidents.
  • New Horizons Class, Basement Underneath Sanctuary (accessible via elevator  in the Gathering Area and stairs)    Primarily for young adults – married with young (toddler/preschool) children, no children, and single; all are welcome.  Jason & Jenny Wilkerson & Ben & Kristin Dorris lead this class.  Currently studying   The Bible TV series 30-Day Experience:  Based on the Epic Miniseries “The Bible.”  New Horizons posts an online newsletter and is on Facebook.
  • Salt & Light Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 201    Ages 30-40’s+, this class is for  married and single adults.  Many are parents of elementary and high school students.  Steve Haley teaches, and the class uses FaithWeaver curriculum.  It  covers major themes and people of the Bible in a 3-year span.  Email newsletter.
  • Serenity Now! Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 203  Elementary parents in their 30’s and 40’s taking a contemporary approach to studying the Bible using various technology and presentations.  The class supports our church’s mission trips and various needs.  Teachers rotate with Heather Fisher as president.  Email newsletter.
  • Sunshine Class, Stephen Ministry Classroom next to Sanctuary  This class is for special needs men and women.  Cindy Fyke, Norma Beck, and Kendra Jones lead this class in music, Bible lessons, and crafts.
  • Truth Seekers Class,    Ed. Bldg,  Rm 205    Ages 30-40’s. Jay Kritsch teaches using a verse-by-verse approach to study the Bible.
  • Unity Class, Ed. Bldg,  Rm 202    Ages 40-50’s mostly with young adult children.  Teachers are Mike Boggs and J.C. Kellar.  This class is currently studying Small Books of the Bible (Old Testament and New).  They partner with the Jim Porter Class to support Relay for Life; they also prepare and distribute Christmas baskets to persons in need.


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